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Jason McClintock
Home Town:Cambridge
Coaches:Matt Rini
Training Centres:Orlando with Matt Rini, and Puslinch Lake Ontario
Sponsors:Nautiques, Radar Skis, H2O,


  • According to Jason, his strongest event is slalom.
  • Water skiing has long been a sport enjoyed by his whole family. “I was born into it,” he says, and he’s right...Jason has been skiing since he was two years old. He started to slalom just before he turned four. Jumped in his first tournament at the age of 5, and entered his first nationals at age 8. Jason says his greatest influence has been his parents. “They kept me going even when I wanted to quit when I was younger.”
  • It’s a good thing they did. Jason has already won many titles and has set several National Records.
  • Jason has completed the Sports Fitness Program at the University of Central Florida.
  • His future goals are to become a World Overall Champion some day, and by the looks of things, it’s doesn’t look like this day if too far off.
  • In the off season, Jason likes to work out at the gym, and spend time with his friends going to the beach, movies and football  games. He also enjoys wakeskating and snow skiing.
  • His most memorable water skiing experience was winning the Jr. Masters Overall title at his first masters event.
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